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best dental insurance for seniors | best dentist insurance

best dental insurance for seniors | best dentist insurance

check the box okay I’m sorry  yeah do not check the box this confuses best dental insurance for seniors  me so much and probably confuses you too if you do  not check the box then it will substitute the codes okay so it will  estimate them as if there is Malcolm’s again for it to be safe you probably  want to do that, okay so we don’t want angry patients, we want happy patients.

and you do best dental insurance that by accurately estimating  your insurance having your fee schedules correct in their understanding even with my confusing explanation about how those  posterior composites are covered when you don’t have to pre

estimate because you can do an accurate pre-estimate in your office it’s just a lot of people  don’t know how to do it sending out free estimates cost you about percent of your production so by not sending out pre-estimates and doing

accurate estimates in your office you do more  treatment, okay and you can do it now you can do same-day dentistry and you create happy patients so if this is helpful to you we’ve got a lot more videos on our website today’s dental

consulting com  and we also do a lot of training and consulting so you can give Linda a call at or just look on our website so welcome again and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about Delta Dental individual and  family plans we look forward to working with each of each of you my name is Shelley Kramer and I

work with direct benefits and we want to welcome you to this presentation direct benefits is a general agency inst. Paul and we have a  strategic partnership with Delta Dental to sell their individual plans in Minnesota North Dakota

and Nebraska real handle agent contracting agent best dental insurance for seniors on Delta Dental individuals plans today’s today we’re going to cover among many other things  a little background on Delta Dental the power smile plans the new power of smile website