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Dental insurance no waiting period For dental patient

That passed in Kansas this year Dental insurance no waiting period we’re going to hear later from Kathy in Maine who will tell us more details about how they are moving forward with adult dental coverage in their legislative session although it’s not it’s not through .

Dental insurance no waiting period
Dental insurance no waiting period

We’ve also seen states that are looking at adult coverage just for specific population so for example in Utah they passed a bill this year that looks at or adds adult dental coverage for just .

The elderly population which again you know these are all small steps but we are excited to see legislators paying attention to this issue and starting to take.

action and again building momentum around the importance of this issue so to learn a little bit more about what families USA is doing I will give you a high-level overview and they also encourage you to check out a number .

these resources that I’m going to mention and work you know hoping that you all will join us in this effort in a number of ways but you know in broad strokes what we’re doing is we are pulling stakeholders together including our Health.

Action Network as well as national partners and the oral health progress and equity network to inform the policy conversations we’re having and inform a lot of the feedback we’re giving to members of Congress on some of these

bills and on what our priorities are around oral in Medicare and also you know to be able to provide technical assistance to various folks in states.