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6 Humana Dental insurance plan without a waiting period

People who buy their humana dental insurance(as opposed to plans covered by the employer) sometimes get a surprise when they register: waiting period. Unlike ordinary health insurance, where coverage usually starts immediately or early next month, dental plans are often accompanied by a delay between registration and the actual onset of coverage for some or all services. It Requires to be six months to a year or more.

What is the big idea? To prevent people from registering humana dental insurance when they need expensive procedures (such as a series of root canals or bridges) – and then cancel the plan, and the price will be finished soon, as soon as the work is finished.

Enough to make you wonder. Do you need dental coverage? However, assuming you do it, let’s see if there is a way to deal with waiting – or at least, make it Fast severe.

humana dental insurance
humana dental insurance

Type of Coverage

  • Some categories or types of humana dental insurance plans offer direct coverage.

Group Plan

  • Often, there is no waiting period in group plans, such as those offered by employers. Of course, if you qualify for a company-based plan, you might not shop alone. However, the same privileges may be in group plans offered through an organization such as AARP. With their plans, there is no waiting period for prevention services at least.

Preferred Service Provider Organization (PPO)

  • Some insurance plans that are held as preferred provider organizations (PPO s) do not have a waiting period. “Preferred provider” refers to dentists in the insurance company network.
  • This is for your benefit to visit one; Practitioners who do not participate can also be covered, even though they are different degrees and at different levels usually.

Discount Dental Plan

  • Dental discount packages are not technically insured. They, as the name suggests, organizations that have negotiated discounted prices with participating dentists who form their networks. You pay an annual fee to get access to this dentist and the rate of decline.
  • Discounted dental plans do not have a waiting period. If you want to taste a few choices, you might want to look for sources like Dental Plans. com.

Specific Special Insurance Insurers

  • The following high-ranking humana dental insurance companies have plans without a waiting period for one or more service classes. Note that conditions often accompany the benefits of direct coverage.

Delta Dental

  • Direct PPO and Delta Direct PPO plans do not display waiting for periods for Type I diagnostic and prevention services, which include examinations, cleaning and X-rays. Type I services are covered in 100%.
  • Type II services (reasonably necessary procedures such as fillings and extraction) have a six-month waiting period and close at 70%.
  • Type III services (main procedures, including crowns and dentures) have a waiting period of 12 to 24 months and close at 30%.


  • Humana dental plans vary by country. Some plans don’t have a waiting period for any services. Others waited six months for fillings and basic types of oral surgery.
  • The Humana One Dental Loyalty Plus plan provides immediate coverage; There is no waiting period, even for oral surgery. “Catch” is the amount of coverage and a lower percentage initially and increases each year gradually, reaching a maximum in the third year.


  • Cigna’s Dental 1500 Plan provides 100% network coverage for exams, X-rays and cleaning without a waiting period. There is no deductible for this service.
  • Necessary restorative procedures require a six-month wait. The main restorative service has a one-year waiting time. However, the waiting period is issued if you provide proof of previously accepted dental insurance. There are also benefits of orthodontics for $ 1,000 for a one-time $ 50 deductible.

Spirit Dental

  • One of the unique companies, Spirit Dental, provides full coverage for all service classes immediately without a waiting period. Depending on where you live, orthodontia may require waiting time.
  • Coverage varies by country and is subject to state regulations. Plans range from Spirit Max Care Silver to Spirit Max Care Gold to Spirit Gold Martens Gold. The percentage of service costs covered increases every year for three years and can be adjusted to a higher annual maximum, based on the premium you pay.

Denali Dental

  • Another company that has no waiting period for any service is Denali. Like Spirit, Denali offers a variety of coverage (based on premiums you pay) and additional coverage based on the number of years you have an active policy in force.
  • Prices vary by country, and the scope is governed by the country where you live.

Mutual doctor

  • If you live in a City where dental care is not expensive and /, or you rarely need extensive dental procedures, you might want to consider the plan of a Mutual Doctor.
  • The policy does not have a preventive treatment waiting period, three months for primary care and 12 months for intensive care. The company pays the amount set for each procedure – based on the plan you choose – no matter where you live.
  • In addition to the companies listed here, you can see other options by using a humana dental insurance search engine, such as those available at the Humana dental insurance Store. There you can enter your age and zip code and use a list of the plan available in your hometown.  choose various options that may be important to you – such as “there is no waiting period.”